What We Offer


All of our cakes, fillings and frostings are made from scratch, using ingredients you can actually pronounce (i.e. we don’t use pre-packaged cake mixes or ready-made frosting). If using fondant, we use premium quality fondant purchased from a local cake store. Each cake made is tailored to your specifications, and as such are made fresh-to-order. Not only do our cakes look good, but they taste good too!

Cake Flavours

Wendy’s Cake Shoppe offers a variety of cake flavours, fillings and frosting and our selection is constantly expanding!

Cake flavours include:

  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • funfetti (vanilla cake with sprinkles)
  • red velvet
  • carrot
  • lemon
  • marble

Cake fillings and frosting include:

  • chocolate buttercream
  • vanilla buttercream
  • lemon buttercream
  • mocha buttercream
  • cream cheese
  • ganache

If the cake flavour you want is not on our list above, not to worry, we can still make it! Just ask! Cakes can be filled with any of the fillings mentioned above, and are then frosted. Depending on the theme / design chosen, certain cakes may also be covered with a fondant exterior.

In addition to making cakes, Wendy’s Cake Shoppe also makes from scratch, cupcakes, sugar cookies, cookie pizza cakes and cream tarts. These items are a great way to add a little decadence to your dessert table. They can be ordered on their own, or along with your cake order.

  • Cupcakes –  A smaller version of a cake. Available in regular size or mini size. Flavours for our cupcakes are the same as we offer for our cakes.
  • Cookie Pizza Cake – A giant cookie “pizza” served “naked” or topped with your favourite candy bar toppings! Cookie flavours and candy bar flavours vary.
  • Sugar Cookies – Vanilla sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. These cookies can be customized in terms of shape and colour.
  • Cream Tarts – Two layers of almond cookie dough in the shape of your choice with icing in-between and on top, and decor on the very top. Decor can vary.